Step by Step

Guide to obtaining your new bathroom.

1. Contact us.


Contact us either by phone, text or email and let us know that you are interested in discussing a new Bathroom Installation, Ensuite Installation or Wetroom Installation. At this stage we can then arrange to conduct a no obligation visit to the property to measure up and discuss what it is you would like to achieve.

2. Visit the property for discussion and measure up.


During the visit to the property we can discuss with yourselves what you want to achieve for your new installation. Bathroom suites are available from countless retailers accomodating the needs of all customers, no matter what your budget. What you can do with a bathroom can be incredible depending on what you want to spend, but we will work with you to achieve the bathroom you want, for the price you want.


During the visit we will establish the desired style with yourself, and discuss what work is required to achieve this. As we incorporate an all trade service, we will discuss various options available to you, such as tiling, electrical work, joinery and plastering etc.


We are happy to supply bathroom suites in agreement with what it is you want, or are equally willing to incorporate the customer purchasing the suite themselves. 

3. Estimates, Time frames and durations.


We provide an estimate of whats involved, cost involved, and an estimated date we would be able to start the work, and an estimated duration of work so you can be prepared and plan around the work.


We obviously try to work in a discreet manner, however when working in a property where the bathroom being refurbished is the only bathroom in the house....its clear that alternative toilet arrangements will be required during the course of work. Having said that, we do aim to put a temporary toilet in place at the end of every day on the job to minimise disruption, however when floors are getting tiled this is not always possible. Whatever the situation, we will endevour to fit around you where possible to minimise disruption to your life.

4. Confirmation of job.


After we have provided an estimate, should you decide to go ahead with us we would be delighted to have you as a customer!


At this point we would firm up dates so that both us and yourselves can book it into the diary.


Depending on the size or difficulty of the job we would possibly arrange an informal pop in prior to work to go over the finer details of the job. This would also allow other trades to see the job at hand which results in the job flowing smoothly upon commencing work.


We do ask for a 50% deposit of the cost of the installation prior to starting the job. This is to allow us to purchase materials required in the lead up to commencing work, so that everything is ready and waiting to go on day one.

5. Work begins.


Work begins on the pre-determined date, and you are kept informed throughout work of the progress.

6. Time to enjoy your new bathroom.


You will be given a handover on completion of work, of the installation and how to use the various appliances. We will also advise of any tips to maintain your bathroom going into the future. Following this theres nothing left to do, but for you to enjoy your new bathroom!




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